Holiday hair advice

Holiday hair care for any time of the year! Best for when enjoying the 3 S’…… Sun, Sea and Sand!

Kent Salon Brushes

Kent brushes was founded in 1777 by William Kent in the reign of George III. They hold a pre-eminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of their production. The company continues to retain the craftsmanship and unprecedented quality that is Kent’s reputation. Even in today’s fast moving mass production assembly. They are proud to still be manufacturing many of their original brushes by hand.

We at Jo Jordan salon use they range Kent Salon Brushes a dynamic collection of 17 brushes. “No corners have been cut and no expense has been spared in our pursuit of perfection. Every characteristic and every design detail is functional and with reason. These are no ordinary hair brushes. They are brushes with purpose, precision and authenticity. Welcome to a new level of excellence” – Kent salon

These are not just typical hair brushes, these are precision tools for those seeking perfection with their desired outcome! And we at jo Jordan’s not only use these brushes but we also sell them!

We use these brushes all throughout the day using care and passion with our services! For our work throughout the day we generally like to use the KS10, KS14, KS16 and KS17 and KS01.

For brushes such as the KS02, the curved vent brush, we like to use this brush for a dressing the hair. Giving volume, smoothness, and works to the natural shape of the head.

For all the weddings we do here at Jo Jordans we rely on a good back combing and dressing brushes to give a perfected finish for a bridal parties! We use the KS04 brush for this which is our essential tool moulder from a single piece of heat proof ABS. This brush is poise and balanced in a way that is second to none, the extended curved and tapered handle finishes in a beautiful point, which is perfect for when we need to pick up sections of the Hair. A fantastic brush to use!

Available here at Jo Jordan hair salon! We will guide you to the brush that will suit your hair type best!


Wedding season is upon us and for us here at Jo Jordans we work extremely well as a team to make sure that the bride’s morning runs smoothly as possible! By giving just our little version of TLC!





A bride will be watching the time and counting down the minutes until it’s time for her to walk down the isle. So timing for us is very important because we want to make sure that we are on time so that the bride doesn’t have to worry and can focus on other priorities of the day! So by asking the right questions such as when the bride wants to be ready for and how many people we will be doing Hair for. It gives us an idea of when we need to be there, how long we should give each person, this way we know that it runs the way it should with no hold ups.


It is very important that we know what the bride, bridesmaids, and additional people want done to their hair. That is why we always recommend a trial so we can work with the hair, see what it does and also it’s a great way to communicate with the bride and get her opinion on any changes she wants and get a feel for who she is and what she likes. Meeting the bride before and working on her hair gives her reassurance for her big day. When the big day arrives, you can go into that wedding knowing what your doing and going for it.


Confidence is a word used a lot but not shown as much. We as a team think confidence gives comfort to many because they know that they are in the right hands. Now for a wedding party this is very important. The bride and wedding party ( mother of the bride especially…) need to know that we are there and know what we are doing and they can feel the confidence come from us making them more relaxed and settled for the day ahead!

Colour WOWe

Ladies and Gentleman, here and Jo Jordans we gladly present to you…. WOW!

Colour Wow is a product that gives clients who colour their hair, the extra coverage they need when waiting patiently for their next colour appointment! For stylists, we know the struggle for some clients whose roots grow through so quickly but stress because they don’t want to come to the salon every couple of weeks! If you are one of these clients, well stress no more!

Colour Wow is a powder product that covers your roots when needed! Easy to use and blends lovely, plus an extra bonus… water proof! For you swimmers out there this product will not rinse away!

You may be asking, well what if they don’t have my shade? How can I be sure it’ll work? All questions will be answered!

Colour Wow has 8 shades that can be mixed and blended to suit your hair, light and dark! Lighter shades work well with highlighted hair! We give free consultations here at Jo Jordan Hair Salon to match your hair colour and show you a demonstration on how to use it.

How are we so sure it works? We as stylists use it from time to time but also the clients we have already given it too have come back feeling confident and happy without any stress or worry that people can see their grey or roots before the colour appointment! Still not 100% sure on this product still…. check out the Colour WOW website, this product has all 4 and 5 star reviews, blessing this product in all its glory!

Let’s talk Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil products are oil infused, offering a unique approach for hair care and styling for every hair type and need.

We here at Jo Jordan hair salon absolutely love these products, using combinations of these products to help achieve our desired look. From fine Hair to thick, perhaps curly hair. Each one of their products helps with each individual’s hair type.

Summer is soon upon us and we are achieving some fantastic beach wave, boho braid styles using Moroccan Oil products!

Ladies, Styles can be achieved just with the right products!

Gorgeous Dutch braid, great look for a festival! Using the Moroccan Oil Texture spray and Medium Finishing spray. Lightly teasing the braid out to get the fullness of the finished look.

Subtle, beach waves achieved through a wand, Moroccan Oil dry shampoo and brushing through with fingers to give it that natural look. Beautiful for any occasion!

We work closely with Moroccan Oil as we do highly believe that they are fantastic products. Easy to use, smell wonderful and also easy to get out. A lot of people forget the damage it can do to Hair when trying to remove some products. However, Moroccan Oil is easily workable and brushable. For example, the Moroccan Oil Medium finishing hairspray is easy to brush out leaving the hair still feeling clean and non gritty!

Kevin Hughes, Moroccan Oil global ambassador, gave us inspiration for the two looks above! Trends from all over the world. Plaits for London, Twisted braids for New York!

Giving each part of the world and unique style that can be achieved everywhere! Creativity at its finest! Bravo Moroccan Oil!

Products available at Jo Jordan Hair Salon, Holt!

Philip Kingsley – TRICHOTHERAPY

Here at Jo Jordan Hair salon, we work closely with Philip Kingsley products. You may be questioning the 3 W’s… Who? What? Why? So, we shall be explaining what Philip Kingsley is and why we love working with these products.


Philip Kingsley TRICHOTHERAPY is ideal for people with fine, thinning hair. Also, for those who are experiencing reduced volume and hair shredding for many different reasons.


TRICHOTHERAPY is a 3 step regime to help maintain optimum hair and scalp health from the inside out.


This regime provides long term benefits to the Hair and scalp, delivering visible root lift, instant conditioning, shine and overall fullness to the hair.

It works in 3 steps:

Step 1

Tricho pro volumizing protein Spray – provides instant volume, fullness, strength and shine!

Step 2

Tricho 7 scalp drops – encourages hair growth, reduces shredding and adds root volume!

Step 3

Tricho complex daily supplement tables – Hair nutrition formula

We here at Jo Jordans truly believe in these products, The boss lady herself, Jo Jordan is studying Trichology, which is the degree that these products are based on. Hair loss is becoming a major issue for many men and women, and it can be caused through a range of reasons. If you are one of many with hair loss, pop into Jo Jordan Hair salon and have a complimentary consultation with Jo.

The clients Jo has worked with, using these products, have had amazing results!

Refill Norwich – let’s stop plastic pollution

As many of you know, we here at Jo Jordan hair salon think it is so important to look after the planet! One of our biggest concerns is Plastic Pollution.

Plastic pollution is the “accumulation of plastic products in the environment that affects wildlife, wildlife habitats and humans. Plastics that act as pollutants affects land, waterways and oceans”

A plastic bottle can last 450 years in a marine environment slowly fragmenting piece by piece. It’s a fact that plastic pollution can be found on every beach in the world, from busy tourist beaches to uninhabited tropical islands. For us being in North Norfolk, surrounded by beautiful beaches, they are becoming more and more polluted because of plastic waste.

You may be wondering what we’re doing to help? Well, we have teamed up with a group called Refill Norwich! Refill is a national practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your water bottle as easy, convenient and cheap a possible by introducing refill points in every street. We are a refill point here in Holt and not only are we refilling water bottles but we are doing a refill service for your Matrix RAW shampoo and conditioner bottles.

What is also great about Refill is that you can download their app on any iPhone and android product and each time you go to a refill station you just simply tap where you have refilled and earn points. We are located on their refill map so pop in and fill up!

Along with this, we have also stopped using plastic gloves, plastic capes and plastic hair caps and have replaced them with reusable ones resulting in less plastic wastage!

Linked below is our video on our changes in the salon.