Colour WOWe

Ladies and Gentleman, here and Jo Jordans we gladly present to you…. WOW!

Colour Wow is a product that gives clients who colour their hair, the extra coverage they need when waiting patiently for their next colour appointment! For stylists, we know the struggle for some clients whose roots grow through so quickly but stress because they don’t want to come to the salon every couple of weeks! If you are one of these clients, well stress no more!

Colour Wow is a powder product that covers your roots when needed! Easy to use and blends lovely, plus an extra bonus… water proof! For you swimmers out there this product will not rinse away!

You may be asking, well what if they don’t have my shade? How can I be sure it’ll work? All questions will be answered!

Colour Wow has 8 shades that can be mixed and blended to suit your hair, light and dark! Lighter shades work well with highlighted hair! We give free consultations here at Jo Jordan Hair Salon to match your hair colour and show you a demonstration on how to use it.

How are we so sure it works? We as stylists use it from time to time but also the clients we have already given it too have come back feeling confident and happy without any stress or worry that people can see their grey or roots before the colour appointment! Still not 100% sure on this product still…. check out the Colour WOW website, this product has all 4 and 5 star reviews, blessing this product in all its glory!


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