Let’s talk Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil products are oil infused, offering a unique approach for hair care and styling for every hair type and need.

We here at Jo Jordan hair salon absolutely love these products, using combinations of these products to help achieve our desired look. From fine Hair to thick, perhaps curly hair. Each one of their products helps with each individual’s hair type.

Summer is soon upon us and we are achieving some fantastic beach wave, boho braid styles using Moroccan Oil products!

Ladies, Styles can be achieved just with the right products!

Gorgeous Dutch braid, great look for a festival! Using the Moroccan Oil Texture spray and Medium Finishing spray. Lightly teasing the braid out to get the fullness of the finished look.

Subtle, beach waves achieved through a wand, Moroccan Oil dry shampoo and brushing through with fingers to give it that natural look. Beautiful for any occasion!

We work closely with Moroccan Oil as we do highly believe that they are fantastic products. Easy to use, smell wonderful and also easy to get out. A lot of people forget the damage it can do to Hair when trying to remove some products. However, Moroccan Oil is easily workable and brushable. For example, the Moroccan Oil Medium finishing hairspray is easy to brush out leaving the hair still feeling clean and non gritty!

Kevin Hughes, Moroccan Oil global ambassador, gave us inspiration for the two looks above! Trends from all over the world. Plaits for London, Twisted braids for New York!

Giving each part of the world and unique style that can be achieved everywhere! Creativity at its finest! Bravo Moroccan Oil!

Products available at Jo Jordan Hair Salon, Holt!


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