Philip Kingsley – TRICHOTHERAPY

Here at Jo Jordan Hair salon, we work closely with Philip Kingsley products. You may be questioning the 3 W’s… Who? What? Why? So, we shall be explaining what Philip Kingsley is and why we love working with these products.


Philip Kingsley TRICHOTHERAPY is ideal for people with fine, thinning hair. Also, for those who are experiencing reduced volume and hair shredding for many different reasons.


TRICHOTHERAPY is a 3 step regime to help maintain optimum hair and scalp health from the inside out.


This regime provides long term benefits to the Hair and scalp, delivering visible root lift, instant conditioning, shine and overall fullness to the hair.

It works in 3 steps:

Step 1

Tricho pro volumizing protein Spray – provides instant volume, fullness, strength and shine!

Step 2

Tricho 7 scalp drops – encourages hair growth, reduces shredding and adds root volume!

Step 3

Tricho complex daily supplement tables – Hair nutrition formula

We here at Jo Jordans truly believe in these products, The boss lady herself, Jo Jordan is studying Trichology, which is the degree that these products are based on. Hair loss is becoming a major issue for many men and women, and it can be caused through a range of reasons. If you are one of many with hair loss, pop into Jo Jordan Hair salon and have a complimentary consultation with Jo.

The clients Jo has worked with, using these products, have had amazing results!


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