MATRIX – Perfect My Colour Course

Here at Jo Jordans we strongly believe that you can never stop learning what you love. So we think it is important to go on courses and learn more techniques, widen our product knowledge and also build on confidence!

Recently, Jo sent our two assistants Beth and Bronte along with our new stylist Harriet, on a Matrix Colour Course called Perfect My Colour. This course combines Craft color fundamentals with new techniques.

The beginning on the day we were talked through step by step techniques along with detailed demonstration by a Matrix C.R.A.F.T. Colouring expert educator. This included Ombré, Balayage and introducing Colour Marbling and Melting.

Beth, Bronte and Harriet felt that the balayage technique was one that they could learn more about and work on. Clean application is key when working with balayage as it is a freehand technique and the course showed us how to create clean balayage.

The end of day results were very successful and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Harriet said ” it was great to learn a more cleaner way of doing my favourite freehand technique.” Harriet with 5 years hairdressing experience is still very much willing to learn more.

Bronte said “ as this was one of my first courses in colour application I was very excited. I have come away with a much better understanding on cleaner application and how to create the perfect balayage”

Beth said ” I have worked with Amy, our educator, for a few of the Matrix Courses and I walk away feeling confident every time”


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