Why do Jo Jordan Hairdressing want to help change the environment?

Recently over the last few months our salon and as individuals have been thinking a lot about the environment and how much goes to waste, and more importantly how we could help. Each day we are going to blog about a different topic which will help us to make the world a greener place to be.

Day 1

The future is now.
Starting with Environmentally friendly cars Lisa, is keen to do her but for the environment and is an owner of the new electric Nissan Leaf, which produces ‘Zero emissions. She is also a gigantic nag, telling all members of staff, ‘to switch it off,’ referring to lights and electric heaters that are left on for too long throughout the day.

What is a green car I hear you Ask?
A green vehicle or eco-friendly vehicle or environmentally-friendly vehicle is a road motor vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than internal combustion engine vehicles running on petrol or diesel, or one that uses certain alternative fuels.

How long does the charge last?
The average electric vehicle can run for 88 – 125 miles on one charge.
Road tax is free.

Where would I charge my car?
You can plug your vehicle in to your domestic 13amp power supply at home, the same as you do with your hoover, tv or any other electrical goods. In fact, trials have shown that 85 % of owners of electric cars in fact charge at home over night on what is known as a ‘POD’ There are also charging points in many car parks and streets around the cities. However for Lisa living in the country being able to charge her car over night at home is great.

Will I also save money whilst being more environmentally friendly to the planet?
Of course you will! Electricity is certainly proven to be cheaper than petrol or diesel cars for example Travelling 100 miles in an electric car would cost you 3-4 pounds and doing the same distance in a petrol or diesel car would cost you around £15.c




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