Struggle to make them beautiful curls last? Read our blog post to find out more

Oh how we love flawless beautiful curls but what’s even better if they last all day?

Things you are going to need :

Medium sized barrel curling wand

Mason and pearso brush /wide tooth comb

Kirby grips

Sectioning clip


Step one

Figure out if you are after a loose wave or a tighter curl this will have impact on how you style for example the looser curl take bigger section the tighter curl the smaller the section.

Step two

What styling tool are you going to use? It’s personal preference at the salon we tend to use a curling wand medium barrel size rather than a straightener  but you can use tool that suits you



Step three

Start off underneath section the hair up with a sectioning clip.

Step four

Help them curls more! Proudcts are so important with styles like this therefore by spraying each section with hairspray first is going to help that hair to hold, hunt : remembering to hold the can fair enough away from the hair you only want a fine spritz of coverage waiting a minute for it to dry prior to applying heat we use Morocanoil medium hairspray which is great with humidity especially


Step five

Contining section the hair letting go loosely and clipping them up loosely with the Kirby pin

Step six

When you have completed the hair you should look something like this :


Section seven

Leave the hair to cool down completely which should take around 10 minutes if you are against time which most of us are there is an alternative using your hairdryer on your hairdryer there is a cool button from a distance and hover over the hair, have you ever wondered what that ‘cool’ button was there for? 🙂 it’s our most used tool in the salon and it will be yours now too!

Section eight

One by one let the clips out gently try not to apply to much pressure on the hair with your hands and this can make the hair flat

Section nine

Get your chosen brush and brush through the hair working down the hair any of these brushes and combs will work great and apply less tension on the hair


Step ten

There you go our beautiful friends hopefully you feeling you got on ok if not if you are doing all the above things right but not quite achieving the desired look please don’t worry it takes some practise don’t give up 🙂

Thanj you for reading our blog we would love to hear some feed back 🙂


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